Discovery Science about SHERP
Author: Discovery Science
The report of the journalists thematic program of Outrageous Acts of Science
German edition of the project «TopGear»
Author: TopGear
The journalists of the reliable site have carried out full scales tests of the all-terrain vehicle. Sherp is a “small tank”.
Business Insider
Author: Business Insider
The Sherp all-terrain vehicle of Russian manufacture is a car with 4 huge tires, which not only has the ability to move around any kind of soil, but also to swim in the water.
Sudbury Sherp dealer featured on Discovery Canada show 'Daily Planet' tonight
By Matt Durnan
Looking for something to watch on tv this evening? Tune into Discovery Canada at 7 p.m. and check out a feature on Sudbury-based company, Coniston Industrial Park, Ontario's exclusive distributor of the Sherp.
'Tank-like ATV' pitched for Canada's North can crawl through sand, snow, water and ice
By Philippe Mori
Sherp ATVs are made in Ukraine with parts from Russia and Germany. A new Canadian company is betting the design will catch on here. They cost about $140,000 apiece. (Sherp Canada)
Bros to the Rescue!
When the local Sheriff asks for a new Search and Rescue vehicle, the guys are excited to build an amphibious Sisu Nasu. And the diesel guys pull out all the stops for their next work truck giveaway- a Dodge 5500 with all the bells and whistles.
Video: witness the excellence of the two-man Sherp ATV
By Tom Ford
Video: Tonka-toy looks, incredible ability. You want a go, right?