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The German edition of the project of «TopGear»

author: TopGear

The German edition of the project of TopGear also called SHERP a small tank and extreme off-road buggy, which will reach places, where one could previously get by helicopter only.

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Discovery Science

author: Discovery Science

The report of the journalists thematic program of Outrageous Acts of Science.

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Business Insider

author: Business Insider

The insane Sherp ATV is a Russian-made machine with 4 huge tires that can also swim.

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author: Andrew Hard

The Sherp ATV is the life-size tonka truck you’ve been craving since childhood.

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Daily Mail Online

author: Stacy Liberatore

"The bizarre ‘mini monster truck’ that can go anywhere" is a very sounding title of an article of from the popular British weekly dailymail.co.uk. But twice as nice as the article itself is full of positive comments and conclusions.

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author: auto-motor-und-sport.de

German auto-motor-und-sport.de site immediately set the record straight, started the article with an unambiguous phrase: "there where this car is not able to get, only the helicopter helps". Positive and, what is more important, an honest review of the site editor.

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author: cbcnews

Tank-like ATV' pitched for Canada's North can crawl through sand, snow, water and ice.

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author: maxim.com

Watch in awe as the SHERP absolutely owns the tundra in this riveting all-terrain video demo.

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An article in the news section Yahoo.com!

author: yahoo.com

An article about the Sherp in the news section of Yahoo.com! After all, the Russian ATV is becoming popular both at home and abroad, which attracts the attention of experts and lovers of extreme tourism.

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Express Drives

author: financialexpress.com

A mini monster truck that can go anywhere and swim as well!

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author: designboom.com

The sherp ATV is an amphibious vehicle for plowing through any terrain

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International specialized site motor1.com

author: George Kennedy

A car designed for the track will not do well with the least bit of dirt or rocks, while a 4x4 designed for the trail won’t be able to corner at high speed. But some vehicles can do just about anything, and when we come across those, it raises our eyebrows. The vehicle in question is called the Sherp.

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author: TF1

The Sherp ATV is the beloved child of Alexei Garagashyan, a mechanic in St. Petersburg, who developed a monster on the basis of a monster Trucks. The entire idea of Sherp is centered around four huge low pressure tires, which are the most outstanding attributes of the vehicle.

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CNN Greece

author: cnn.gr

The CNN Greek shared its impressions of the Russian ATV in its article. Believe it or not, SHERP is of interest even to the people in this warm country.

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author: diepresse.com

The "off-road miracle" from Russia has long been a Youtube star. The Sherp ATV drives in the terrain, over ice and even through the water.

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Website motor-talk.de

author: Constantin Bergander

The journalist of specialized motor-talk.de German site called "SHERP" "rather a tank than a car". Well, we could not agree more.

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Site «Truck Yeah»

author: Máté Petrány

Browser popular site Truck Yeah named the article "The Russians Make the Best Truck in the Universe for $ 50K". The review in this online publication ends even more directly and unequivocally: McLaren F1 and the ATV. You don't need anything else.

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Internet publication thefunnybeaver.com

author: thefunnybeaver.com

Internet publication thefunnybeaver.com ATV named SHERP "crazy Russian SUV". The authors have made an entire collection of videos with our all-terrain vehicle in a variety of environmental conditions.

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Portal Soha.vn

author: soha.vn

Sherp ATV - "Little Monsters" can outdo all terrain from Russia

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Portal Vnexpress

author: vnexpress.net

Sherp was swimming on the water, wading through the glacier, turning the dense vegetation toward and beyond the barricade.

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author: gentside.com

Sherp ATV: the Russian vehicle that can take you anywhere on Earth

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author: NTD.tv

This amazing Russian all-terrain vehicle can go toe-to-toe with any monster truck.

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author: youreporter

Born and marketed in 2015, it's not a military vehicle and in Russia they use it Even hunters and fishermen or for activities in unreachable places.

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Website trendhunter.com

author: Misel Saban

The trendhunter.com site specializes in finding trend information and interesting videos. No wonder SHERP drew the attention of the publisher. An article on the site disclose main advantages of the Russian ATV, the ones that make it really one-of-a kind. The article describes the main advantages of the vehicle that make it really unique.

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Website gadgetify.com

author: gadgetify.com

US site gadgetify.com introduced Russian all-terrain vehicle to its readers. Even in a small article, the authors could not describe some of its impressive capabilities.

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Kenora Online

author: kenoraonline.com

Kenora Online posted a video of Sherp driving on the ice, running off it into the water and getting onto the ice again. How easily it moves! Foreign testers were impressed!

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Portal 4х4online.hu

author: 4х4online.hu

The most valuable complements are those made by professionals. That is why the kind words from the Hungarian specialized portal 4х4online.hu is a true recognition.

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author: TrendinTech

With SHERP you conquer any off-road!

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author: ReviewMachines.com

ReviewMachines.com made a detailed video review of the Sherp. Journalists managed to test this all-terrain vehicle in its natural "habitat" - in the wild.

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Site «Trendolozer Pro»

author: trendolizer.com

Site «Trendolozer Pro» posted information about the "Sherp" with reference to the TopGear team article.

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